The Challenge Rivals II: “The Dark Knight Rises” Trishelle Leaves Sarah Hanging


This week’s episode started with Derek revealing to us how he and Marlon hooked up. Marlon then admitted to being bisexual, and it was good to see that he finally came out the closet, since he claimed he was straight on Real World Portland.

As a result of Marlon’s sexual orientation, it became a topic of discussion among the housemates, with many people being shocked at Marlon’s appeal and his choice of sexual preference but hey….its 2013. Get with the program. The housemates decided to play a game of charades where they act like each other while the other housemates guess who they were, someone got Marlon’s name and Knight chose to act like he was performing oral on Wes. The house didn’t find it funny and neither did Marlon. Marlon got enraged and proceeded to try to fight Knight outside. The housemates broke it up, and Aneesa went to console Marlon about coming out, and being fearless about his lifestyle choice.

Environmental Portraiture On The Set Of MTV's "The Challenge" - Phuket, Thailand

Trishelle began to show her frustrations with Aneesa who she claims always has something to say about being either Black, Jewish, or Gay, and so she proceeded to go whisper in Aneesa’s ear to “shut up”. Aneesa got in Trishelle’s face and it got ugly. Aneesa strong armed Trichelle for a quick second and that was the end of that. Trishelle only accomplished reminding people that she’s still an idiot and has nothing useful to say. The next morning she decided that she was going home, leaving her partner Sarah to figure out her fate on her own.


Sarah unfortunately was sent home because she was left without a partner, this also was the second time that this happened to her at a challenge…..and Trishelle is a biotchhh!!!

This week’s challenge was called “Mind Over Splatter” where the contestants had to climb up a ladder ascended over the water, to then slide across two thin ropes on their legs (yes major rope burn) until they reach the other side hopefully before the other team.


With Knight and Preston being the only team to get eliminated from the challenge they were automatically going into the jungle this week. Frank and Johnny were safe from going into the jungle, leaving the girls to decide which team they were going to send to go against Knight and Preston. In the end the girls voted Robb and Derek to go into the jungle against Preston and Knight.

Environmental Portraiture On The Set Of MTV's "The Challenge" - Phuket, Thailand

The jungle challenge was pretty entertaining to watch as the contestants were blindfolded, spun around and given sticks that they had to break over their components body. It was like a new age piñata-type game…only more violent. Preston and Knight won the challenge sending Robb and Derek home….We’re sure Marlon was sad.


Knight decided to apologize to Marlon and they decided to sweep it under the rug and remain cool and cordial with each other. Marlon celebrated his sexuality by hooking up with Nany…..ok Marlon we see you!!!!

This week’s episode was a good one. Be sure to watch MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II every Wednesday at 10pm.

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