MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II “New Girl” Anastasia vs. CT


The week’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge Rivals 2 started off with a bang. Anastasia was ridiculed for her hook up with CT, while CT was trying to figure out why Diem was mad at him….True CT fashion. Anastasia admitted that she thinks she’s catching too much feelings for CT way too soon, while CT admitted that he’s “just having fun”. Anastasia also let it slip that her and CT had sex, while CT continued to lie about it….what a jerk.


Frank was so over CT and his bad attitude and womanizing ways that he actually picked a fight with CT! It was a brief scuffle, but at least someone finally stood up to CT.


This week’s sexy challenge put the rivals in a pretty awkward position….literally. As the men/women had to saw off wood in a fashion that looked like they were humping each other, and then had to run across the beach with head to crouch while one teammate held a ball in their mouth. This was a pretty entertaining challenge to watch, as the rivals/teammates got frustrated with each other over their unavoidable mistakes. Wes and CT lost along with Jess and Anastasia, which put them both in a bad position. Emily and Paula finished first so they were free from going into the jungle.


Of course the deliberations of who was going to get sent into the jungle became shady, with people not voting for their friends and voting in the newer players. Since two guys went home last week, that means two women had to go home this week. Jess and Anastasia automatically had to go into the jungle since they came in last place. Being that Trishelle rubs a lot of people the wrong way she got a good amount of votes along with her partner Sarah. However, Cooke and Cara Maria got voted to go into the jungle against Jess and Anastasia.


After the challenge Anastasia finally realized that CT and Diem were still working on their relationship, and that CT just used her for a hook up. Anastasia was crushed and reacted accordingly as she spazzed out on CT and slapped him up crazy chick style. It was pretty awesome to watch, and actually helped bring Anastasia and Jess closer together.

During the final challenge in the jungle Anastasia “claimed” that she began to feel really “sick”. Cooke had to pee so bad, but was attached to a harness so she did it gangsta style and just pissed on herself….awesome! That pee must of helped because Cooke and Cara Marie won, and sent Anastasia and Jess home packing. After the loss Anastasia started having a weird case of hot flashes and had to go home with paramedics…..CT was happy to see her go.

This season of The Challenge is jam-packed with entertainment. Be sure to check it out every Wednesday on MTV at 10pm.

But you can watch the FULL episode HERE