Cat Fish Recap: Dorion & “Jeszica”/Alexis and Rafinee (Love Triangle)


Dorion is in love with Jeszica Monique Morrison and has been for two few years, but the last 6 months he has been dating his girlfriend Rafinee. Jeszica is gorgeous, with full lips, curly hair, and green eyes. Dorion wants to know if Jeszica is real after she doesn’t pick up her phone at times, and does other suspect things to make him question her originality.


Nev and Max go to Cartersvlle, GA to research this love triangle some more. They arrive at Dorion’s house to find him putting on his sneakers with Rafinee’s name embroidered inside the tongue. Dorian tells the catfish guys about his personal at home issues, about almost going homeless when his mom was sick. He mentions how Jeszica allegedly goes to school, works, and takes care of her daughter, which is what Dorion loves about her. However, Dorion lives with Rafinee and has been with her almost everyday for the past 7 months. Rafinee knows about Dorion’s relationship with Jeszica but doesn’t say anything.

DorionRaffineeNev and Max notice how Jeszica doesn’t really have any pictures with her “child”. Dorion discusses how many pages there are of Jesizca, but Dorion said that she claimed people would steal her pictures. Dorion seems to put Jeszica first before his relationship with Rafinee who he lives with!


Max and Nev notice that Jeszica has multiple online boyfriends, and take the time of reaching out to one. They find that Jeszica Monique Morrison is one of Facebook’s most faked girls online. The catfish guys talk to Sammie, one of Jeszica’s boyfriends, who tells them that he also is extremely suspicious of Jeszica’s suspect behavior.

The guys sit down with Dorion and Rafinee to discuss Dorion’s issues wit his online lover, and Rafinee mentions how she’s scared that Dorian will leave her for Jeszica and she’s hoping that Jeszica isn’t real. Dorion tells her that he’ll always love her even if he does leave her for Jeszica.


The guys break Dorion with the hard news of Jeszica’s online activity and how many other boyfriends she has. Dorion has to face the harsh reality of knowing that Jeszica may not be a real person, and he was risking his relationship with Rafinee for.

The guys call Jeszica and ask if she’s interested in meeting Dorian, and she says she’s serious about meeting Dorion “this time”.  Dorion finally meets “Jesizca” to learn that she’s really Alexis, a bit shorter, darker, and thicker. However, she wasn’t ugly. She admitted how much she loves him and cares about him. However, Alexis had lied about having a daughter and used her niece as a way to lie about having one. Dorion seemed extremely shocked and hurt, and the pain was written all over his face. Alexis explained her relationship with Sammie, and said she didn’t have any real feelings for Sammie and wants to be with Dorian.


The guys ask Alexis why she lied and used a fake page. Alexis admits that she was young when she made the page, and just wanted a way to make friends. She repeatedly apologized.

This all put Dorin in a bad situation as he now had to decide who he wanted to be with, or “be in love with” as he put it. The guys remind Dorion of his choices which are Alexis, Rafinee, or to be single. Dorion had a lot to think about during the night, and he came with the final decision to stay with Rafinee. Rafinee was happy that he chose her, but admitted that it wouldn’t be the same between them for awhile.


Dorion then had to talk to Alexis about his decision to not be with her. Alexis had the nerve to be upset with Dorion over him being in a relationship with Rafinee for 7 months. It was actually hilarious to watch. How can someone who lied for 2 years be mad over him keeping it a secret that he was in a relationship. Alexis agreed with Dorion’s decision for them to not be together.

Whatever Alexis is a joke, and has a lot of nerve. This was definitely a great episode to watch. The catfish guy reminds Alexis that Dorion never would have had gotten with Rafinee if she never kept who she was form him for so long.

In the end Alexis and Dorion were able to hug it out, and say their goodbyes.

In the two month update Dorion and Rafinee were seen happy and in love in their committed relationship. Alexis deactivated the Jeszica Morrison profile, and has had limited contact with Dorion since.


Watch the full episode of Catfish with Dorion and Jeszica HERE