Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: “Boricua” Joseline Proposes to Stevie J!!!


Last night’s episode before the season finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with Rasheedah and Kirk continue their serious talk after Rasheedah’s mother ran over Kirk’s bike setting it on fire. Kirk continued on with his useless excuses as to how he made a mistake, and he just wants a chance to “patch things up”. Rasheedah seemed too hurt to just let it go like that.



Erica went to play golf with Mimi where she discussed the drama surrounding her relationship with Scrappy and how its affecting their daughter. Erica sounds adament that she’s not raising a child with a man who goes in and out of jail, or rehab in the case of Scrappy. Mimi went on to trash talk Stevie J, and how he tries to use money to “wing her back” into a relationship with him. Scrappy held a press conference right before entering rehab.


. Joseline set up a dinner date with Stevie J to try and push her music video by presenting him with money and tickets to Puerto Rico to record the video. Once arriving to her native country, Joseline was overcome with emotion and feelings from her past growing up in Puerto Rico with dysfunctional parents. It was a beautiful moment to watch between Joseline and Stevie J, as she opened up about her past and how she feels alone. Stevie J comforted her and reminded her that he is her family.



. Rasheedah hit Kirk with a major decision she made to file for a legal separation in their marriage. She even brought up all “the media evidence” that shows that he’s been messing around. Kirk sat quiet while Rasheedah hit him with the hard news.


. Mimi decided that she wants to receive a breast augmentation surgery to pick her boobs back up, and give them that perky lift she had before having a baby. She even bragged to Erica about using the money Stevie J gave her to get the procedure done…mind you Stevie J gave Mimi the money that Joseline had gave him. DAMN messy!!!!


. Karli Redd’s horrible boob job had resulted in her breast leaking, and her gold-digging behind asked ex-boo Benzino to support her during her 2nd breast surgery. Benzino of course agreed, and they kissed and made up.


. Joseline hit Stevie J with the question of a lifetime when she asked him to marry her while in Puerto Rico, and this is right before LVHHATL hit us with the previews for next week’s season finale episode!


So we’re just as excited as you to see next week’s episode. We’ll have the popcorn ready!

You can watch the full “Boricua” episode of LVHHATL HERE 

All photos courtesy of VH1