Work Appropriate Skirts For The 9-5 Modern Girl


Sometimes it’s hard to find work appropriate skirts. You don’t want to wear a skirt that’s too short that your whole job can get a free peep show, and you don’t want to wear a skirt all the way to your ankles. There is now a happy medium for the go-to skirt that is super cute, yet still off ice savvy.

20130726-135817.jpg 20130726-140138.jpg

The pencil skirt works well with women with hour glass shape (small waist, curvy bottom) . They are usually fitted at the waist, and smaller at the bottom. You can even make it fun with a bold print and bright colors.


The skater skirt is the perfect length, it flares out and sits at your waist. This gives your outfit a playful look all while still looking classy.

Nijsha’s thoughts: It can be hard for women to transition into office attire, but if you keep these tips in mind, you can stay true to your stylish self and still look respectable.

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