8 Benefits of Make-Up Sex


We all hate arguing with our spouse. It’s so draining, and stressful. We hate how this person has the power to control our emotions so easily, and we dislike every moment where we’re not happy with each other.

However, there’s a plus side to every argument in any relationship….the Make-Up Sex!!!!

Make-up sex is healthy for any and every relationship, and there are so many benefits to arguing and making up with your spouse. MaseTV is listing some out for you, and we hope this can help you embrace the next argument you have with your “bae”. 


1) Builds the Relationship


Getting angry with each other, arguing it out, and making up are all the ingredients you need for a great relationship. Arguing is normal and actually healthy for any relationship. The best part of arguing of course, is the make-up sex. It’s filled with more passion, and aggression than usual, and once you both release yourselves, you have an even clearer vision of how into your spouse you are. Make-up sex definitely helps build your relationship with your mate.


2) Sex is Better


Everyone knows that make up sex is the absolute BEST sex you’ll have with your mate. It’s wilder, kinky, and full of everything you want in a sex session. He giving you all of him, while you’re giving him all of you, and in all of that giving it just feels like you’re both in sexual bliss….which you are. Make-up sex is always the BEST SEX!


3) Great way to Take Out Aggression


Let it out. Let out all that anger and frustration you have built inside toward your mate. Give it to them, and they’ll take it. Make-up sex also lets you get out any other tensions you may have been holding in from other issues in your life. Make-up sex is your pleasuring way of releasing any built up negative energy into something made of love. The sex helps you release, and we all know that makes for better health.


4) More Likely to Try New Things


During make-up sex, things tend to get so wild that you end up trying some new positions, or implementing new activities into your sex sessions. Kama Sutra, sex games, sex toys, new positions, whip cream, and more tend to get involved during a good make up sex session. Or maybe you two just connect with each other in a new sexual way, than you have before. It’s all new, and it helps strengthen the sex and the relationship.


5) Makes the Sex Feel Brand New


“Feels like the first tiiiiime”. We all know that sex can make you feel like you just lost your virginity all over again. Make-up sex can make everything feel brand new, and we all know that change and new things are always good. So embrace the newness and enjoy the make up sex.


6) Make Him Say “Sorry” for What He’s Done!


You heard right. Why not?! If you’re both releasing all of that tension, and you were that mad before the make up sex began and you still feel he should apologize (despite the fact that his sexy-self got your panties off), then tell him in your sexiest voice to apologize. And he better apologize!!!


7) The Best Cuddle Session Follows After


Sighhhhhh just thinking about the cuddle session after make up sex, can make anyone feel all warm and tingly inside. After releasing your tensions, and passionately kissing all the anger off each other, the cuddle session seals the deal to it all. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle session?!


8) Fight?….What fight?


After great make up sex, and a nice cuddle session who even remembers why we started fighting anyway? Fight??? What fight?! Fighting is normal in any relationship. You have to fight and argue in order to truly learn to love and respect each other. So let the fights happen, and embrace the arguing, and enjoy the pleasure 😉