Bad Girls Club 11: Milyn and Sarah Out, Janelle and Shanae In


As much as I wanted to hate this 11th season of the Bad Girls Club Miami, I can’t deny that I love this ratchet show. From watching the last episode there are definitely a few things I’ve learned about the girls, and the show in general:


  • Sarah’s white ass can fight. Don’t sleep on Sarah because if you come at her, she will fight back, and she will most likely beat your ass. Tianna, Jazmone, Milyn, and Gigi got into fights with Sarah, and she gave them each the business….well not so much Gigi.
  • Milyn is a groupie airhead, who clearly slept with Justin Bieber for fame, but just ended on the BGC instead. She instigates almost every fight in the house, and needs to wear concealer at all times of her life.
  • Every season someone has to be the outcast who gets picked on, and this season it’s Sarah. It’s typical that every season these “bad girls” find someone to pick and taunt on, like the “grown little girls” they are, and although the first half of the season it was Sarah, she held the loner title down.
  • No one was sad to see Milyn go home. Admit it….you were over hearing her talk about the size of Justin Bieber’s penis, and all the celebrities she slept with……well on second thought. LOL
  • I was actually sad to see Sarah go home. She would of been fun to watch this season between the fights, and that cake


  • Janelle reminds you of a non-stop talking tree with hair……say she doesn’t!


  • I almost forgot Theresa was in the house until the end of last night’s episode…..I know I’m not the only one!


Oxygen has highlights of this season on their website HERE.

Catch this new season of the Bad Girls Club 11 Miami on Tuesday at 8pm on Oxygen.