Kick Game So Proper Fashionable Fall Footwear


High end sneakers have always been in style. According to the streets lately they’ve been in high demand.

Earlier this year I wrote an article on different brands of high end sneakers that are relevant as of right now in 2013. There was one point in life when everyone was only purchasing Pradas, Gucci, Fendi and Mauri, and the list goes on. Now high end sneakers are the next big thing! High end sneakers have evolved because other well known brands have decided to create their own sneakers.

It’s crazy, even my 8 year old cousin asked me can if I can purchase him a pair of Pierre Hardy sneakers. My first reaction was “HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PIERRE HARDY!” A pair of those sneakers costs anywhere from $400-$700. I cried a little because that meant that in-spite of his young age, he has a sense of fashion, but cried again because this little boy is going to make me go broke for crying out LOUD!

Nonetheless, the streets are talking and high end is what the streets want. Last time I discussed a few high end sneakers this time I am bringing you more.

1. Kris Van Assche



Kris Van Assche sneakers cost an arm and a leg however the sleekness and straps of these sneakers put it in a league of its own. Here’s a pic of my stylish good brother rocking these vintage pair of the fall 09 Kris Van Assche below. Follow him Fellas on Instagram: Konner_sseur if you guys need any fashion inspiration for the day.


2. Maison Martin Margiela H&M


These high end sneakers were a steal! If you did not know H&M usually collaborates with other high end designers. In the past H&M has did collaborations with brands such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Lanvin. If you did not know Maison Martin Margiela sneakers usually go for $ 450-600. When these sneakers released at H&M the price was set at $ 120. Which is one of the reason why these sneakers were sold out in 10 minutes on the release date. However, if you still want a pair of these sneakers you can still purchase them from resellers. The resale price is set at $299.00. Here is a picture of me rocking my pair in the office below.


3. Pierre Hardy


Pierre Hardy is one of the most well established designers in the world. His heel collection is very beautiful but when it comes to sneakers  he also have great designs.  His colors ways are marvelous, what I love about his sneaker collection is the color blocking which allows you to add more color in your wardrobe. Check out this young Parisian boy wearing a pair of Pierre Hardy kicks picture taking by the Sartorialist. Due to the fact Pierre Hardy is considered high end the price of these sneakers are high end price also which goes from $450-1000. Hey if you got it COP THEM!

7018YoungPariswebWhenever you guys get the chance check out your favorite high end designer they just might have your next favorite sneaker. Till next time stay stylish.