5 Reasons to Go Back to School, No Matter Your Age

Lifelong Learner
Lifelong Learner

I know way too many people who are so smart, and have so much potential, yet doubt themselves and their ability because they don’t have a high-school, or college, degree. We all know that colleges are filled with students of ALL ages, and no one should ever feel too old, or incapable, of reaching their full potential and obtaining a degree.

If you’re in a place of doubt about your personal ability and value because of not having a degree, I’m here to give you 5 reasons why you should go back to school no matter your age. 

This is MaseTV‘s version of an Everest College commercial LOL.


1. Builds Confidence

Most often, when a person doesn’t finish school (high-school or college) they tend to lack a certain level of confidence that those with a degree naturally possess. Upon making the decision to go back to school, a person knows the challenges that await them, but are still proud of themselves and begin to gain more confidence in their overall ability in life. Confidence is key when aiming for success, so why not go back to school and boost your own.


2. Makes you More of an Action and Risk Taker

You can have a million of the most brilliant ideas known to man stuck in your head, but they mean nothing if you don’t take any action to make them happen. You can have an outline of amazing goals and dreams you wish to achieve for yourself and your future, but they mean nothing if you take no action to make them happen. Along with any major action you make in your life, there’s a major risk that you face as well. So action, and risk-taking go hand in hand when striving for success. Making the decision to go back to school after a long break, can help boost your confidence to become more of an action and risk-taker. Action and risk-taking put you back on the road to success and achievement.


3. Increases your Overall Creative and Intellectual Skills

Everything from your speech, to the way you analyze and receive information, will dramatically improve upon you enrolling back into school. With your free time now being consumed with homework assignments instead of television, or group projects instead of going out with your friends. You’ll be using your brain in new ways that will definitely strengthen your overall creative, analytical, and intellectual skills. Your friends and the television aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be there after you get your degree.


4. You can Make More Money, or Expand Your Career

We all know that a college degree will help add those extra 0s to your paycheck, as well as get you that high-paying position with that top-tier company. A degree builds your value and marketability within the work world, and we all want to make more money in a career that we’re passionate about. Having a specialized degree in a field of your personal choice, will put you in a line of work that satisfies your calling in the world. There’s a difference between a job, and a career, and a degree puts you in line to begin your career and satisfy your calling.


5. Makes you More Valuable and Marketable

Your personal value and marketability increases with the more time you spend in school. A person with a Bachelor’s degree is more valuable to an employer than a person without one, and the person with a Master’s degree usually makes more money, and has a higher position, than the person without one. So why question or doubt your value, when you know you have the potential to work just as hard as the person in the Executive position? Reach your full potential, go back to school and add value and marketability to your resume. No matter how old you are!