Top 7 Most Desirable Characteristics Men Love About Women


Let’s be honest here. Many single women wonder what it is that men desire about women, so they can brush up in those areas, and possibly snag a mate,or at least land a date.

We can’t say that we know everything a man wants in a woman, but here are 10 of the Most Desirable Characteristics Men Love About Women. 

Let us know what you think below. What would you add in, or take out?

1) Know Who You Are


This was listed first for a reason, because this is the one that truly needs to resonate with all women. Know Who You Are! Having a good man by your side can definitely help you find yourself, and grow to your full potential. However, it is no one else’s responsibility, especially your spouse, to help you find and know yourself. Most men aren’t thinking long-term with a female who has no sense of who she is, or where she’s going in life. A real man wants a real woman, and a real woman knows what it is about her that makes her a real woman! Know Thyself.

2) Honesty


This one is pretty obvious, but always worth a mention when it comes down to relationships. Unfortunately for us ladies, a man can smell a lie from a mile away (because they do it so often), and when we lie, they know. So at all cost avoid lying, bending the truth, or just not mentioning things that you know he would care about, and would want to know. Too many good relationships have ended because of lack of trust and honesty, and you don’t want that lack of honesty coming from you. Stay honest, open, and truthful.

3) Sexy and Sexual


Every man loves a sexy woman, and if you love your man then you need to maintain that sex appeal that he loves. Remain fun, kinky, and spontaneous, and always work to satisfy his sexual desires. We all know that if we’re not satisfying our man’s desires…..then someone else is. Don’t let it be you ladies…..go get that whip cream out of the fridge, and unlatch those handcuffs….it’s time to work!

4) Spontaneous


Spontaneity keeps a man on his toes, and makes him fall more in love with you as you continue to surprise him with goodness. Never get too comfortable, or too predictable. Keep it fun, and be spontaneous. Go with him to the gym, treat him to a spa date, massage his smelly feet, and even help him shave (if he let’s you). Never be afraid to try new things to satisfy your mate. You’ll have more fun than he does, and he’ll bask in the joy of knowing he’s with the best woman in town.

5) Confident


Confidence is key ladies! Maya Angelou didn’t write Phenomenal Woman for no reason! She tells us in the classic poem to be confident, stand tall, neck straight, chin up, and face fierce. A man can smell a confident woman from a mile away, and though some men may be intimated…they like that feeling of intimidation and want to know what it takes to crack your code. Plus you have to be confident to be sexy, and we already discussed why being sexy is important, so get that confidence boost you need and start stopping traffic…..well at least feel like you can. LOL.

6) Maintain Sex Appeal


You looked like Rihanna when he met you, yet 5 years later we begin to allow ourselves to turn into Rasputia…come on ladies. Maintain the sexy, and do whatever it takes to keep up with your slowing metabolism, aging skin, and decreasing stamina. Hit up the nearest Zumba class, take a pole dancing class or two, and go out dancing with your girls, to remind you of how HOT you are, so you can remind your man that Rih Rih can always come out to play!

7) Ambitious


Go for what you believe in, and don’t just talk about it, BE ABOUT IT. Don’t keep talking about how you want to go back to school, just go. Don’t talk about how you want to learn new recipes, just learn them. These are perfect examples of the things we carelessly mention to our mates to get them involved on our inner dreams and desires, however if a man sees that you’re all talk and no action, he can begin to start to look down on action-taking ability, and that’s when that “predictability” thing we mentioned earlier comes into play. Don’t let anyone define who you are, always keep him guessing and wanting to get to know more about this intriguing woman.

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