Step Out Of Your Fashion Comfort Zone: Highlights of Some Underrated High-End Fashion Brands


It bothers me that a lot of people wear the same traditional brands that the media frequently shows to the public. Well, I solemnly swear to show you guys guys more options in the beautiful world of fashion.

Do not get me wrong brands such as Louis Vuttion, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada, Fendi (and the list goes on) are very popular in the fashion industry. However, I want to drop some knowledge on some brands that will differentiate yourself from the people who are just following trends.

1. Smythson of Bond Street: British brand Symthson is a the ultimate purveyor of high end luxury bags, and also provides the finest of men and women  leathers, leather diaries, watch cases, and more…

imagesDuring the week I had the pleasure of attending a Press event for Smythson where they showcased some of their upcoming pieces for the Fall. One word to describe the upcoming pieces for the fall….gorgeous!

The brand is pure class and sophistication. However, they are pricey, but sometimes you have to invest in yourself if you don’t want to walk around with the same bag everyone else has today. Here are some of my favorite items that I took pictures of.


2. Kiki de Montparnasse: This one is for the ladies who enjoy and take pride in feeling sexy! Kiki de montparnasse is a high-end lingerie brand. Believe me when I say it ladies this brand will have your husband or boyfriend spending more time with you just to see you in this sexy lingerie.



What I love about this brand is that they took simple lingerie and made it high fashion. It simply shows that you must look good at all times even when you barely have clothes on!!!

I love the traditional Victoria Secret lingerie however, this brand is the definition of Making A Statement. Here are some of the pieces that I loved.

download-1Sexy right???? And so classy at the same DAMN time. I just want whoever follows MaseTV  to know about different brands because if you’re following what’s trending, how are you Making A Statement ? Ladies spice up your bedroom life the luxurious way. MAKE A STATEMENT 😉


3. Walter Steiger: A man most certainly respects a female with a mean shoe game. However, how can a man respect a girl that only wears what rappers talk about???? Much respect to the heel Gods such as Christian Louboutin aka the red bottoms, Giuseppe Zanotti, and more. But I bet a lot of you guys never heard of Walter Steiger.….. If you didn’t well here is your introduction to making your shoe game BOSS!


Last week I made a pick up at the show room of Walter Steiger and picked up a bag of what females will call heaven.


I gave the bag a peek and selected my favorites out of this bag of luxurious heels. Tell me what you think ?



Tell next time stay Stylish my friends.