Sneak Peak at Isabel Marant & HM Collabo


The anticipation continues to grow for the H&M and Isabel Marant collaboration that is set to debut later on this year.

This morning H&M decided to give us a little treat and posted a photo on Instagram of one of the pieces of the upcoming collaboration.


The photo above shows Marant herself trying on a delicate, drop waisted dress from the upcoming collection. From the looks of the sneak peak I can tell this collection is going to be one of the greatest collaborations from H&M.

Just incase you never heard of Isabel Marant her brand is a luxurious high end brand which consist of her iconic wedge sneaker, which has been worn my tons of celebrities such as Beyonce, Tracee Ellies Ross, Alicia keys, and many more.


Swedish power house H&M is always up to something, I’m always on the look out for their collaboration lines. However, I’m a little jealous that this line is catering only to the females, but I know there is something brewing up over there at H&M. So fellas stay tuned.

Till next time stay stylish my friends.