Pot Smokers Can Now Smoke Weed With 24 Karat Gold Paper


Via: NYDailyNews

Want to smoke like a high roller and let the world know you’ve got cash to burn? There’s a new product for sale online that can help you achieve those goals.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers are just what their name suggests — rolling paper covered with edible gold leaf to “create the ultimate party atmosphere.”

The 12-sheet packs are sold for $55 on Shine’s website and $60 on Amazon.

The papers are supposed to be used for “legal smoking herbs.”
The packs have 12 sheets each and cost $55 to $60.
The papers let people leave “24-K in the ashtray.”

It’s definitely not an everyday product because of the price point,” Shine Papers owner Dave D., who declined to provide a last name, told ABC News. “But the people who feel like they are that person are showing a lot of support for it and returning to reorder.”

The rolling papers are made with 24 karat gold leaf.

The flashy rolling paper has been finding fans in the hip hop community, and was described by a reviewer as “the best and easiest roll and smoke I’ve had.”

The product’s Amazon page does come with a disclaimer that the 24-karat rolling papers not for tobacco but “legal smoking herbs.” However, the company’s social media pages and customer comments suggest they are being used with other substances.

Are these rolling papers a golden opportunity for smokers with money to burn? Some customers think so.

As for whether it is safe to be inhaling gold in the first place, the makers say there hasn’t been much research on the topic. In the “Answers” portion of their website, they point to a Korean study from May 2011 where rats were exposed to gold nanoparticles for six hours a day and five days a week for 90 days. The gold did not have any statistically significant adverse effects.

There’s no word on the long-term or short-term health risks of inhaling gold in humans, and the American Lung Association told ABC News that it didn’t have related data and could not comment.