Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out Ep 2: Mac Miller Gets at Nick Cannon Bad!


This week’s episode of Wild ‘N Out was definitely one to watch. Host Nick Cannon stole battle rapper Conceited from the Black Team and put him on the Platinum Team along with Mikey Day, Pete Davidson, Karlos Miller, and Rasika Mathur. 

The Black Team was led by Mac Miller and featured Emmanuel Hudson, Timothy Delaghetto, Spanky Hayes, Corey Holcomb, Lauren Flans, and the hilarious Deray Davis!

Cannon tried to bring out his inner ASAP Rocky with his outfit choice, as he wore white shorts with white capri pants under…at least that what it looked like. Mac Miller came out looking like he was ready to play, as they got into the first game “So Fly”. This was always a fan favorite from the last 4 seasons of Wild ‘N Out, so they had to bring it back. The Black Team took the first round.



The 2nd round was  a very funny game called “Pause” which allowed the players to get really up close and personal with each other to make the other team say “pause”. Mikey Day made Deray Davis say “pause” asap. It was hilarious. There was even a kiss between the two female players, and it was pretty awesome. The Black Team won this round after Mac Miller bravely sniffed all up Nick Cannon’s foot.



The next round called “Remix” made each team remix popular songs picked by the fans. Emmanuel Hudson of course held the Black Team down with his infamous comical lyrics. Corey Holcomb’s facial expressions make everything better. The Platinum Team had to remix “patty cake” which they swagged it out, and made it a song that everyone was rocking too. The Platinum Team took this round.


Everyone’s favorite part of the show was of course the Wildstyle Battle, which was even better with the assistance of Mac Miller and battle rapper Conceited. Mac Miller’s punchlines were off the hook. You know Conceited was too hype to rap. He crushed Corey Holcomb, but in the end Mac Miller said the line that made the Black Team take home the win.

This was definitely a great episode. Mac Miller closed out the show with a performance, so the show was jam packed with entertainment.


Be sure to catch Wild ‘N Out every Tuesday on MTV2 at 10pm. But Watch the FULL episode HERE