Katy Perry Kills Her Old Image in New Video “Roar”

Pop star Katy Perry is apparently over her old poppy blue-haired, bubble gum image, and she’s laying it to rest in her new music video.

The pop star laid her old image to rest in a new teaser video for her upcoming single “Roar,” sending the message that there won’t be any more candy confections in her future.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a new beginning is a must!” Perry, 28, tweeted Tuesday.

Titled “The Third Coming,” in the clip a priest reads a prayer as mourners weep, and girls in purple wigs scream as their idol is lowered into the ground.

The camera pans to a dark-haired Perry, who simply smirks. The whole thing appears to be her way of saying her next album, “Prism,” due out in October, will be nothing like 2010’s “Teenage Dream.”

Another teaser video released Friday, titled “Burning Baby Blue,” shared the same dark sentiment. Perry appears alone, dressed in black, this time lighting one of her iconic blue wigs on fire.

It’s a little creepy, but here’s hoping her new album will be worth the bizarre displays.


The ‘Wide Awake’ singer doesn’t shed a tear at the funeral for her old image.
The singer appears alone in another eerie teaser video, with a lighter.
Katy Perry burns her iconic blue wig in a quick teaser for her new single ‘Roar.’
‘We don’t need no water let the baby blue burn,’ she tweeted.

Source: NY Daily News