Hillary Clinton & Bill DiBlasio Say Racist Joke On Stage in NYC [Video]


Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton literally has no shame.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding her “super predators” remark about Black people in the 90s, and her husband’s heated argument with Black Lives Matter protesters last week, Hillary still has time to crack stereotypical racist jokes in the liberal city of New York.

During her recent stop in NYC, she joked alongside NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio about how long it took him to officially endorse her for President.

Bill and Hillary continued the comedic monologue by saying a stereotypical joke that was obviously not well thought out, as the Black actor on the stage had to tell the two that he didn’t find the joke funny.

But the reactions from the crowd were enough. This racist joke didn’t sit too well with the very liberal NYC crowd. Just so there is no confusion, C.P stands for Colored People.

Hmmmmm not a wise choice Hillary. Extremely bad joke, and extremely bad timing.