Flint, MI Official Resigns After Caught Saying, “Ni**ers Not Paying Water Bill” [Video]


A top executive at Flint, Michigan’s largest property owner has stepped down from his position after being caught in a recording saying racist remarks towards Black people. he made during a private conversation were published on the Truth Against The Machine website on Sunday, June 4.

The racist remarks were made by sales manager Phil Stair during a private conversation and were published on the Truth Against The Machine website on Sunday, June 4.

Stair has resigned from Genesee County following the release of leaked audio from a conversation he had with environmental activist Chelsea Lyons on May 26th where he said,

“Flint has the same problems as Detroit: f**ing n*****s don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them,” Stair was recorded telling Lyons.

Stair’s attempt at defending his statements only put him in deeper trouble as he said, “I don’t want to call them n*****s. “S**t, I just went to Myrtle Beach, 24 guys, and I was the only white guy; I got friends, I mean, there’s trash and there’s people that do this s**t.”

The initial conversation comes after much discussion over local residents failing to pay their water bills, which is an issue that has begun to replace Flint’s water crisis in the headlines.

However, many find it odd that people are wondering why residents who are forced to use contaminated water are being questioned on why they’re not paying their water bills to begin with.

On Monday Wildman issued an apology on behalf of Genesee County Land Bank. “I am deeply troubled by the statements,” she is reported as stating. “The citizens of Flint deserve to have trust in their public officials.”