Beauty Emergency: 5 Last Minute Date Night Beauty Tips

scared (1)
scared (1)

In the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine they provided the ladies with tips on tackling the most fearful last-minute date dilemmas.

Spontaneous dates are amazing, but running out of the house or office too soon without the proper freshening up regimen can leave you showing up to your date looking a hot ass mess.


Depending on how much time you have to get ready can alter the choices you have with refreshening yourself. So Cosmo took the liberty of listing two options in case you have absolutely no time to get ready, or if you have at least an hour to get ready.

So here are 5 tips Cosmo gives when trying to freshen up for a last-minute night out.


1) You Don`t Have Your Makeup!


If you have no time: Dap a very small amount of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks and blend. If you were smart enough to already put on eye liner earlier that day, then just dampen a cotton swab and run it across the liner to redefine it and get rid of smudges.

If you got an hour: You already know that you need to hit up the nearest department store counter for a touch-up.

(Ladies just carry an emergency tube of lipstick in your purse at all times and you`ll be fine. Lipstick always does the trick)


2) You Haven`t Shaved!


If you have no time: Buy a multi-blade razor and shave with hand lotion.

If you got an hour: Dash over to the nearest beauty salon for a quick wax, or do it yourself with wax strips.


3) You Really Need to Shower!


If you have no time: Wash up with cleansing wipes for gentle skin. You can grab these along with a sweet smelling perfume, or just sneak a spritz from a perfume of your choice. Shhhhhh!

If you got an hour: Head to your nearest gym location, or get a day pass to the nearest one, and make use of their showers. Most gyms even have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


4) You Need A Mani….BAD!


If you have no time: Try out some of those cute nail stickers which help hide your chipped nail polish, or just go for the natural look. Remove all nail polish with the scrap off technique, push back cuticles, and then apply some hand cream.

If you got an hour: Go to the nearest nail salon for a quick mani, and make sure you ask for quick dry.


5) You`re Hair Looks Flat or Greasy!


If you have no time: Try a dry shampoo, and finish it off with a deep side part. Side parts always do the trick.

If you got an hour: Stop by your nearest blow-dry bar, or salon, for a quick blowout and set. Even consider a braided or up-do hairstyle. Greasiness makes braids and up-dos more sleek, and doesn’t require volume.


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