Jay-Z Tweets To Fans and Haters!

“Might crash your internet, and I ain’t even in to that”Jay-Z (Tom Ford)

Jay-Z spits his prophecy once again. The rapper/business mogul recently took to Twitter to engage with his fans….something he has NEVER done before!

Back in June, prior to releasing his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z unleashed a series of tweets establishing his “#NewRules”. Although he has never been one to fraternize with social media too much, this new digital release might have just changed Jay’s mind about the power of bandwidth.

Yesterday Hova took time to interact with fans, haters, and those commenting on how weird it is to see him tweeting.

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Though some folks have legit questions that they want to ask their favorite (or most hated) rapper, the thirst for attention from Beyawnsay’s husband was just too much to pass up for some.

Aqua tweets

Did he say “my laugh”…..he’s the man!



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Source: Bossip