5 Ways You Know You’re Being Catfished! DUH!


5 Ways You Know You’re Being Catfished! DUH!

Last night’s episode of Catfish was unbelievable! Nev and Max traveled to Bullhead City, AZ to help 19-year-old Ramon find out the truth about his online romance with Paola. Below are five ways you know you’re being Catfished that I uncovered from yesterday’s episode.

Nev, Max, Ramon

You know you’re being Catfished if:

1. The person that you are in an online relationship with TELLS you that they are Catfishing you!

Even the most empathetic Catfish viewers probably had a hard time sympathizing with Ramon after we find out that Loyda (who was pretending to be Paola) had actually confessed her true identity to him on NUMEROUS occasions. Yes, it turns out that Loyda was being as fake as her bright, blue contacts. However, it seemed that Ramon was drowning in the river known as DE-NIAL even when he was confronted with indisputable evidence of the truth.

Loyda and Ramon


2. Your online partner Skypes you and he or she does not even slightly resemble their social media profile pics.

I don’t care how bad the “pixilation” on your computer screen is. You know damn well if a person’s profile pic looks like Beyonce and the person you are Skyping looks like Chubaka then that’s a major red flag. Sorry, but bad internet connections do not change a person’s hair, eyes and body mass index.



3. When you Skype your online partner and they only show you their eyes.

It’s true that eyes are the window to the soul, but I’m going to need to see the whole damn house in order to do a proper property assessment. What are you hiding?


4. Your online partner asks for and accepts money from you.

Ramon sent Loyda (aka Paola) $3000, paid her phone bill, bought her a brand new phone and a Wii. And, if that was nott bad enough, he even gave her his bank information!

In Ramon’s own words, “I love the girl. That’s my way of showing it.” While Ramon was tried to buy non-existent Paola’s love,real-life Loyda took Ramon’s money and bought herself an engagement ring! Who does that?!!

But, wait: It gets even better!

Loyda and Fam

Loyda actually goes to the lengths of mailing the ring to herself and pretending that Ramon proposed to her! Loyda is crazy and Ramon is a dummy for trying to play Captain-Save-a- you know. Nev, the voice of reason, shed some much needed light on Ramon’s foolish financial behavior. He tells Ramon, “You could have a car right now!” Tell him Nev!


5. Finally, you know you’re being Catfished when your show’s main subject tells you half way through the episode that he knew that he was being Catfished the whole damn time!

This episode was a complete rollercoaster ride, but the best part was finding out that investigators Nev and Max pretty much got Catfished on their own show!

Of course, the basis of the show is about people who are unsuspectingly deceived, but on this episode, it turns out that Ramon was a willing participant in this web of lies. Ramon’s philosophy seemed to be “if it’s too good to be true, then run with the lie.” He’d rather be blind to the truth then have to relinquish his fantasy.

Ramon, Nev Max Computer


In the end, as crazy as it was, Ramon’s story was in fact relatable.

Sometimes, an unrealistic fantasy of romantic love is used as a crutch to help get people through tough times in their lives. The truth is, some people just love with the idea of love and why would they not?

After all, “being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” (Lao Tzu). The Catfish craze is not going anywhere as long as people continue desperately seeking this affection called love. Until next time…

Watch the full episode here

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