Bad Girls Club Miami Season 11: Cast and Season Premier Review


Bad Girls Club  is still trashing it up over on Oxygen for an 11th season, and people are still watching. I myself also tuned in to see which new homewrecks were making their way to Miami to party, fight, and partake in more ratchet activity.

This season’s cast brings us Tiana from Harlem, NYC.  She grew up having nothing, so she’s looking to stunt on her Harlem haters during this season in Miami.


We also got to meet Tess from Louisville, KY, Who grew up in the rough part of the south where she too had lots of “haters”.


Milyn is the “Justin Bieber fling” from Los Angeles,CA, and she’s all party, fun, and skank put into one. She was heard mostly talking about all the celebrities she’s slept with, while having the nerve to say “Bad Girls Never kiss and tell”…..umm ok!


Sarah from Riverdale, FL, is a blonde bombshell with the booty to back it up! This girl is the one who speaks without thinking (typical blonde), and ends up pissing people off in the process.


Teresa from Newark, OH is a tatted and pierced bombshell who can come off as a bit gothic, but is just a fanatic for body art. She seems like a cool chick who shouldn’t be the bud of drama this season.


Stephanie from New Haven, CT is the down ass Latina of the house. She says what she means, and means what she says. She doesn’t seem like the type to start drama, but will definitely not be a punk if it arises.


Jazmone is also from Los Angeles, CA , and has the look of a top model! Upon arriving to the house she was hit with “So you’re not a man” from Sarah, which turned Jazmone (and all the housemates) completely off from Sarah during that moment. We can see that Sarah’s mouth might her into a lot of trouble.


While getting to know each other Stephanie’s cool ass was nice enough to listen to Milyn blab her mouth AGAIN about her experience with Justin Bieber and how everyone focused on the fact that Justin was sleeping with a “black girl” and not just a regular heaux like she is.


Sarah began to notice how negative Tess was as she decided to go off to corners alone to smoke cigarettes and talk about major mood-dropping subjects all the time. Sarah tried to pull Tess out of her rain cloud, but Tess seemed more bothered by the fact that Sarah made a joke about Tess looking gothic (Sarah’s mouth again).


The girls decided to go out to a club (in true Bad Girls fashion), however Tess (being a true Debby-downer) decided to stay home. While out the girls devised a plan to kick Tess out of the house for her Grandma ways, however Tess was home on the phone with her mother talking about how much she hated it at the house.


In the end Tess went home first episode, the girls were glad to see her go, and we’re all excited to see who’s going to be her replacement next week.


You can watch the FULL episode HERE