Hollywood Exes Recap: Opinions Are Like A**holes!


Last week’s season two premiere of VH1’s Hollywood Exes revealed drama between Jessica Canseco and Drea Kelly, the loss of Nicole Murphy‘s father, and Mayte Garcia‘s plan to adopt a baby.

Nicole travels back to her hometown to spread her late father’s ashes and reconnect with her family.  Her family begins planning her father’s “celebration of life” which will include a slideshow and karaoke.  Nicole also visited the apartment complex where she grew up at and made awkward conversation with the one of the current tenants.  She reminisced about her childhood and her humble beginnings.

Nicole spends time with her family after her father passes away.

Meanwhile, back in LA, Jessica and Mayte had lunch during which Jessica grills Mayte on her plans to adopt a child.  Jessica voiced her concern that Mayte had not thought through her decision thoroughly enough.  She questioned Mayte’s financial stability and her ability to balance work and motherhood.  Jessica even had the audacity to hand Mayte a book about single motherhood.  Although Jessica’s intentions may have been good at heart her words did not come off like one single mother advising another.  Instead it seemed as if she was berating Mayte for rushing into such a foolish decision.

Jessica gives Mayte advice about being a single mother.


The number one question being who the hell is Jessica to judge?  But, judge she did.  Jessica ended the conversation with the statement, “you can’t send it back to the pound!”  Enough said.

Andrea and her assistant Tony went out for a meal during which we learn two important things.  The first is that Andrea is focused on taking the next steps in her career.  “This world does not owe you a damn thing because your last name is Kelly.  You have to go out and get it.” Preach Drea!  The second thing we learn is that a gay man can appreciate a good set of boobs just as much as a straight man can. #Fact

Andrea vents to Tony.

On a shopping trip, Andrea and Mayte discussed Jessica’s recently made rude comments to Mayte.  Andrea was not having any of it! According to her, “Opinions are like a**holes.  They all stink and they’re full of s**t!”  Damn, Andrea. Tell us how you really feel!  Of course, Andrea was already upset with Jessica for calling her fake on twitter.

Mayte gives Andrea advice on how to talk to Jessica.

When Andrea did finally confront Jessica later on in the show, Jessica used the lame excuse of a miscommunication.  She and Andrea squashed the beef, but Andrea made it clear that she still did not trust Jessica.  Jessica seems to have a problem with self-censoring so this will definitely not be the last time her mouth gets her into hot water.

Andrea and Jessica finally talk it out.

The episode ended with Mayte receiving news about her adoption.  Her little baby girl was ready to be picked up! Congratulations Mayte!

Mayte gets the call telling her the adoption is approved.

Catch the full episode here and let us know what you think!

All photos courtesy of VH1.com