Catfish Review and Full Episode: Jen and “Skylar”, Bryan is An Online Player


This week’s Catfish victim Jen is dating a boy name Skylar Hazen who she knows hardly anything about. They’ve never video chatted, and he refuses to video chat. Jen says she doesn’t know if she’s in love with him, but she would love to be in a relationship with him. Even though she’s only seen two pics of him, and he claims that he doesn’t have a Facebook account.

Jen opens up about how she’s been bullied her whole life, and how Skylar is the only one she’s ever been able to be herself around. She’s so use to being the one to chase relationships with people, but Skylar calls and texts her and it makes her feel special. Jen showed them their text message convos, and it really seemed like they were dating, which made it weird that they haven’t video chatted at all.


Nev and Max found a guy name Austin who has a friend name Skylar Hazen in Nebraska who looked like a geeky 14 year old kid. They spoke to Austin on the phone to get the scoop on Skylar’s girlfriend Jen, and Austin knew nothing of her but did mention that he has a girlfriend through a video game. Soon after their convo the real “King Sleepy” Skylar, reached out to Nev and Max himself, only for them to find out that he wasn’t the real Skylar.


Nev and Max dug deeper and began to see how much of a fraud Skylar really was. There wasn’t even a Skylar Hazen registered in the city of San Francisco. However, besides the doubts, Skylar answered Max and Nev’s calls and agreed to meet with Jen and the Catfish crew. Upon arriving to San Fran they met the real Skylar who was nothing like the person he claimed to be online, and admitted to having absolutely NO feelings for Jen. He even admitted that he has a variety of online girlfriends that he uses to practice his “game”. He agreed to meet with Jen so he could clear the air and let her know the truth.


After meeting the real “Skylar”, who’s name was Bryan and was 100% NOT the guy in the pics, Nev and Max tore him a new one, but it was no use to the close-minded idiot “Skylar” turned out to be. He didn’t even feel bad. He said “It is what it is, I was giving her a gift of being in that relationship.”…..What an a**hole! But this is what anyone who resorts to online dating should expect. Jen confronted him and told him about himself, but again….he didn’t care. He said he picked Jen to be honest with about who he really was because “she was the coolest girl”. SMH!!!


Jen went home heartbroken, Nev and Max consoled her, and another episode of Catfish ended. During the update Bryan told us how he dropped Skylar and isn’t lying to girls online anymore. Jen was excited about graduating high school and attending college.


However the Moral of the story: Don’t date online unless they’re NOT afraid to really show you who they are.

Watch the FULL episode HERE