Catfish Review: Michael and Kristyn


Michael (25) from Michigan started talking to his “girlfriend” Kristyn 2 ½ years ago, who also lives in another city in Michigan only an hour away from Michael. They began dropping L Bombs after 2 months of dating, and talked about having kids and more. Kristyn tells Michael that she doesn’t want to see him because of her “physical handicap”.


 Nev and Max call Michael to get a more in depth understanding of their relationship. Michael sounds extremely into Kristyn, and explains that he hasn’t seen her due to her car accident that resulted in her having a glass eye. Kristyn says she’s too nervous to meet Michael due to her physical ailment, and Michael has been understanding and accepting that.

Michael explained Kristyn’s wishy washy and jealous ways. He admitted that he and Kristyn “fell off” a few times and would stop speaking for awhile, but whenever he showed interest in a new girl, she would get jealous and tell him to leave the girl alone; which he would.


After doing some awesome investigating. Nev and Max realized Kristyn’s real name is Kristyn Nicole Hillock. Nev and Max did some serious investigating in this case along with Michael, and he seemed to get more discouraged with each bit of evidence that proved Kristyn wasn’t exactly who he thought she was.

Nev called Kristyn and spoke to her on the phone to explain that Michael wanted to meet with her for the first time. However, Kristyn was extremely reluctant and said she was “scared” to meet him. But she agreed to meet him in person.

When they finally Michael was just as shocked as the rest of us to find that Kristyn did indeed have a glass eye, but was way larger than the fake pictures that she put up. Michael was upset, and Kristyn totally understood but admitted that she really did have feelings for him. Michael let her have it about how he’s dropped so many other girls for her to just be a lie. Kristyn admitted that Michael has helped her through a lot, but it wasn’t going to make him want her.




Kristyn admitted to making the fake profile after her accident, because she “needed a mask”. This episode honestly makes you feel more sorry for Kristyn than for Michael, but this really was a sad story to watch. However, Nev and Max realized that Kristyn really did need help. After talking to her, Kristyn revealed to them how depressed she was after her accident, which is how she gained the weight. We even got to see pictures of her when she was thinner. She revealed how her ex-boyfriend, who was driving the car that they crashed in, left her after the accident, and she hasn’t been the same since. Kristyn was even brave enough to pop out her eye and let Nev and Max hold it.

During the two month update we were informed that Krystyn and Michael remain friends, and occasionally speak, which is nice. Krysten also informed us that she has a boyfriend, and that they were moving with her family to Orlando. WOW! That’s beautiful for Krysten…Mike is still single Ladies.

You can watch the FULL episode HERE