Catfish Recap: He’s Real!!!


Tuesday’s episode of Catfish was a very special one.  We met 22-year-old, wide eyed and bubbly Lauren.  Lauren needed Nev and Max’s help to help her finally connect with Derek, the man of her dreams who she met on Myspace eight years ago!

 Lauren and Nev

The catch: Lauren and Derek have never met in real life or even Skyped! Even more shady was the fact that Derek had an excuse every time that Lauren tried to come and visit him.

Despite the shadiness, Lauren truly believed that Derek was the man she could possibly marry and help raise her three-year-old son.  Her story was already captivating by the fact that she was willing to invite a man that she never met into her and her son’s life.

Nev Max Lauren

But, it got even more heart wrenching when Nev and Max interviewed Lauren’s parents.  Lauren’s dad could not control his emotions as he talked about his love for Lauren’s mother and his fear that his daughter’s heart might get broken.  It was truly a touching moment.

Lauren and Dad

As viewers watched, we really wanted Lauren to win.  She was so optimistic and such a sweetheart that it would have broke a little piece of our hearts to see her heart broken.  That being said, the outlook looked less than positive when Nev and Max presented a key piece of evidence that did not match up.  When Nev and Max entered Derek’s phone number into a search engine a picture of Levourne, a married, older black man popped up onto the screen! Strange!

Nev and Max immediately suspected the worse, but Lauren was not moved.  She still believed that the man of her dreams was real.

Car Lauren

As Nev and Max drove Lauren to meet Derek (or the man pretending to be him), they tried to prepare her for the worse scenario.  However, Lauren was not about to let the downer duo kill her vibe!  Lauren fought back when Nev and Max tried to attack her dream and, in that moment, you realized just how strong her conviction for this love was.

When Lauren walked up to the porch and rang the doorbell, I think that everyone’s stomach dropped right along with her’s.  I personally have never felt so invested in the outcome of a reality TV show episode!

Lauren was too nervous to even turn around for a good minute before the big reveal.  And then, the biggest shocker of the season so far happened:  IT WAS REALLY DEREK! HE WAS REAL!!!

Lauren and Derek

It was the sweetest, happiest moment in Catfish history!  Lauren’s conviction had actually paid off.  As one viewer put it, “When you hope for something so bad, maybe it has no choice but to be true”.  Well said!

Lauren 2

The best part was how shocked both Nev and Max were that the man of Lauren’s dreams was in fact real.  Max had always been the more realistic and slightly pessimistic of the duo, but lately Nev seemed to be losing his faith as well.  Lauren’s story seemed to renew the belief in Nev, Max, and Catfish viewers everywhere that dreams do come true!

Watch the full episode here!