Aaron Hernandez Orders His Fiancee’ Not to Talk to Police!

Charged with murder and under investigation for a separate double homicide, Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is behind bars in Massachusetts, and trying to prevent any evidence against him from getting out.

His fiancee and child’s mother, Shayanna Jenkins, isn’t talking to cops and concerns have been voiced that they’ll attempt to make that arrangement permanent.

Jenkins, who has a eight-month-old daughter with the former football star, was initially talking to cops.

Her younger sister, Shaneah, had been dating Odin Lloyd, the semi-pro ball player whose bullet-ridden body was found just a mile from Hernandez’s mansion, so there’s a strong possibility she has information that would be of interest to prosecutors.

Shayanna’s cooperation however suddenly ended recently, the prosecutor in the case told the judge at a hearing this week, when she received a call from Hernandez.

Investigators “did speak to her but the conversation ended when she was informed not to speak to them,” Bristol County District Attorney spokeswoman Yasmina Serdarevic told The Daily Beast.

“They did speak to her until she got the call.”

Now — especially after Jenkins was seen weeping in the courtroom when Hernandez was denied bail — concerns have been raised that the couple will try to get married to give her ongoing protection from having to take the stand against the accused murderer.


Shayanna please don’t become one of “those” type of baby mama’s…please


Source: Bossip