Shame Story: Teen Accidentally Shoots his Little Brother and Then Tries to Cover The Murder!


According to Mail Online

A Chicago teenager shot his little brother (star player on his high school basketball team) in the head while playing with his father’s gun, a court has heard.

Michael Whitney then attempted to cover his tracks by shooting out a window and moving his little brother’s body to another room on Friday, prosecutors have said.

The 19-year-old had taken the semi-automatic handgun which belonged to his security guard father from a drawer before teasing his 16-year-old brother Malcolm.

Malcolm was a standout basketball player at Hyde Park Academy. At first police thought Malcolm, who was found face down on a sofa, died of an accidental self-inflicted gun-shot. But his older brother Michael was charged on Saturday with manslaughter and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

According to prosecutors, Michael approached his brother who was in the bathroom and pointed the gun at him. When Malcolm reached for the gun, it fired hitting him in the head. Despite trying to lie about the sequence of events, Michael eventually admitted he was responsible.

Michael Whitney has four prior felony burglary convictions and is a freshman at Illinois State University. He appeared in Cook County criminal court today where his bail was set at $1million.

Before setting the bail amount, Circuit Court Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. said, ‘The problem is, this tragedy would not have occurred if a convicted felon had not touched a firearm”, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Whitney broke down in tears in the courtroom while members of his family consoled each other.

Reports are saying that if he would have just said, “I’m sorry I accidentally shot my brother” then he would have been fine. He messed up when he tried to cover his tracks. So sad.

Source: Bossip