R&B Divas Star Dawn Robinson Accuses Show Producers of Making up Drama for Ratings

R&B Divas star Dawn Robinson (formerly of En Vogue) recently revealed the meeting her and fellow cast-mates had where they were told they were “boring” and needed to amp up the drama to ensure the show’s success.

Via 4umf reports:

“Because we were such a part of the show, the producers speak to us midway and said, ‘You guys have a boring show.’ And I said at the meeting, ‘Is that because we’re not fighting against each other? We’re not pulling each other’s hair out? We’re not negative against each other? Is that because we support each other, and we’re loving towards each other as women? You want to see the negativity because in your mind, drama is what gets the ratings.’

“But at the same time right now, what we’re seeing is that the show so far – and this is midway through filming. So this is half way through filming – what we’re seeing now is that the show, so far the four episodes that they’ve shown have been very positive and very loving, and people are reacting to the positivity on the show. And so, they have the highest rating in TV One history, our show is the highest rated show in TV One history, and that’s positivity. This show is not negative so far, and yet you guys have the highest rated show in TV One history without any drama? That says a lot – that means it was never necessary in the first place. Real life has enough drama in it without having to add to it and create some stuff ’cause you guys want ratings. It’s just ridiculous, so it’s pretty sad, but we don’t control that.”

Dawn we commend you for standing up against the stereotypical images they work hard to portray of women in the media. However, don’t act like you didn’t know this already. Everyone loves a good cat fight.

Source: Bossip