New York Fashion Week Is Right Around The Corner!!!


New York Fashion Week is approaching. During New York Fashion top designers from all over the world present their upcoming lines for the coming season. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Diane Von Furstenberg, Y-3, MM6 Masion Martin, Margiela, Vera Wang, etc… the list goes on. These designers come to NY and showcase the latest in fashion.

New York Fashion Week 2013 (NYFW) starts September 5 and goes through the 12th. NYFW brings out the luxury, glam, and all the big celebrities to the city. Everyone wants to see what new crazy twists & ideas these brilliant designers have coming. This is where you discover new trends and where stylists start requesting pulls for their clients. Many of you may think Fashion week is just glam and luxury when really its much deeper then that.

The amount of time and dedication  a designer puts into their craft is not as easy as some of you guys may think. Each year a designer tries to out do what they did the previous year. So, if you are asking if the fashion shows are breath taking… the answer is yes. NYFW  started in 1943 during World War II to attract attention from French Fashion due to the fact that industry leaders in the fashion world could not travel to Paris during the World War. We can all thank Eleanor Lambert for this great Idea called NYFW which was previously called Press Week. Now NYFW is one of the biggest events to ever happen in New York City.

Here’s a teaser for the huge event below!