Female Leadership Values in the Workplace: 7 Tips on Being An Effective Leader


Via: Project Eve

Ana Maranovi of Project Eve recently came across an article at the Women’s Agenda website titled Your daughter isn’t bossy, she has ‘executive leadership skills’: Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg. The article summed up one of the many crucial messages advocated in Sheryl’s book Lean In. 

There is absolutely no doubt Sheryl has epitomized the movement toward the redefinition of female leadership and gender diversity. The book has helped put the female revolution back in business today.

“We want to provide women with the encouragement and support to lead. We want women and men to believe we can get to real equality … We want to close the pay gap,” Sandberg said.


With more and more women taking senior positions, and the changing shape of the female perception, female leadership theory is in it’s pioneering phase, and it asks women to evoke more of how women actually see themselves as leaders? It also asks who are women at a leadership values level? The answers to these questions will ultimately help to enhance female success in life and in business.

Halfway through Sheryl’s book she had already begun to develop and share her own leadership lessons, and understand what makes a woman a truly effective leader?

Here lies a calibrated list of Female Leadership Values, all of which are respected and valued by my male counterparts

  • Personal Strength – As a leader we must always work on our emotional and intellectual stability and stamina.   Aim for strong and sensitive but never overly aggressive.
Strong Woman
  • Openness – Always be truthful and avoid playing the ‘female card’. You are one of the team, and have free leeway to be direct, open and honest in your interactions.
  • Collaboration – Continually form workplace unity and encourage communicative exchanges between people and teams.
  • Ability to Listen – Do 20% of the talking, actively listen, paraphrase and highlight people’s strengths as much as possible.
  • Be Different – The only way to make a difference is to be different. Harness your individuality and speak from the place inside which gratifies your right to be self-expressed. Always speak words that resonate as true to You!
  • Empathy – Show gratitude and acknowledge people when credit is due. Don’t confuse empathy with being nice. Be direct and honest with your kindness. Smile and show compassion.
  • Enthusiasm – Show your ambition, talents and passions. Don’t hold back in fear of being labelled. Self promote where appropriate and celebrate your achievements.

The underlying messages here are clear. Define yourself as a leader and teach and share your values with the world of female leaders around you. Sheryl has helped ‘take the lead’ in changing the shape of female leadership, as well as so many others out there doing amazing things. But you don’t have to be in business to be a leader. As a mother, a wife or a gorgeous female, we’re all women at the end of the day, and our leadership is genetic in form. Take some time to reflect on what makes you a unique leader, so you too can rule your warrior kingdom, and teach our young girls how to be super-heros!

 Source: Ana Maranovic  Project Eve