Arrive On Campus In Style – More Fashion Tips For The Fellas!!


Summer is almost over so you know what that means!? School is almost back in session. Now, the most important question is, what am I wearing for the first day? Now I know all of you used to lay your whole outfit out the night before then woke up extra early just to put your new outfit. We’re all guilty of it.

As we get older, we start to stop caring about what we wear for the first day of school…………UMMMMMM NOT! Knowing from experience, even when you try not to do it up for the first day of school, you still are putting thought into your outfit. So please step out of your little denial phase and arrive to campus in style!

Fall/ Winter clothes are already up on the racks of many clothing stores, so fellas, hurry up and start shopping. One of my favorite places to shop, Zara, just introduced their fall line-up of and they most definitely have amazing pieces you fellas would love to purchase. Check out my favorite pieces from Zara this season.




Pants-  Faux Leather Biker Trousers

Jacket- Crossover Jacket

Sweatshirt- Contrasting faux leather on the sleeves

My reason for these being my favorite pieces is comfort. Knowing from experience, fellas do not want to put on a suit and tie, or even a pair of jeans all the time to go to class. However, it does not mean you can’t still be in style. These leather biker trousers are very chic and comfortable and will keep you warm this fall season.

In addition, they are affordable compared to other brands that carry similar trousers. The crossover jacket from Zara is no regular jacket. It has a punk feel, which is the main reason I love this piece so much. It’s also affordable…any way I can save a buck, i’m down for it.

The sweatshirt got my attention with the mixture of the fabrics in one piece while remaining stylish. Give Zara a look when you get the chance fellas you just might find something you like.


Don’t forget you’re going to need a book bag to carry all those books you have to purchase. Don’t be boring and get a book-bag that’s bland. Go out and make a statement from head to toe. Over the course of the year, I’ve seen a couple of New Yorker’s rocking some real cool book-bags. When I noticed this one, it became clear to me that wearing a simple bag just wont cut it.

Peep this New Yorker in a NYC Subway Station that I took a Pic of below.


This New Yorker is wearing an MCM book Bag which cost about $800……YIKEZ!!! at that price. However, there are plenty of book bags that are just as nice that won’t hurt your pockets. Brands such as H&M, Herschel Supply, and Obey will do you justice.

book bag

(from left right)

a. Herschel Supply

b. Obey

c. H&M

Herschel Supply  is a little pricey, however, it is ten times cheaper then a MCM book bag and they have such a cool and simple look to them. The price range for a Herschel Supply book bag ranges from $50-$75.

Obey book-bags have the same feel as a Herschel Supply book bag however they’re a little cheaper and have a a wider variety of styles. They range from $40- $75 in stores.

If you never heard of H&M I need you to crawl from under the rock you’re living under. H&M is known for their stylish, affordable, and trendy clothing. You can find a book-bag at H&M for no more then $30 and their book-bags are super cool. Whoever said you have to spend more to be stylish lied to you.


Living on campus is a gift and a curse. The gift is that you’re able to get to class on time, the curse is that at times you get lazy and don’t want to play dress up, which is totally understandable. So do you just throw anything on and start your day when a day like this comes around?? Ahhhhhhhh NAH!

Get your self some comfy gear. Comfy gear is a pair of sweats, a hoody and some comfortable sneakers. I notice a lot of you guys are wearing the soccer Adidas sweatpants and I would like to let you guys know it’s time to retire them. My reason for saying to retire them is because on a lazy day I can spot about 10 or more people wearing those same sweats the day i decide to wear them. You can find affordable sweatpants at stores such as Zara, American Apparel, or even E bay, believe it or not.

pants(from left to right)

I found the first pair of sweatpants on E bay for $25.00, the second from Zara for $59.90, and the third from American Apparel for $18.00 dollars. Break out the Adidas phase, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Adidas sweatpants, however, I want to inform you guys that there are different types of sweatpants. Lets not look like we are all wearing a uniform on campus.



Till next time stay stylish my friends.