The Best BB Creams for Women of Color

A woman rubbing moisturizer into her skin
A woman rubbing moisturizer into her skin

BB creams have just recently made their way into the makeup market. It acts as moisturizer, SPF, and can replace the use of actual foundation.

Ladies, this is perfect for the summer for those of you who don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, but still want coverage all while protecting your skin. BB Cream moisturizes and illuminates your skin, while giving it a natural hue and color corrects facial blemishes.

Here are a few of the best BB creams for darker skin tones and their prices to help you figure out which one is best for you.

Iman BB cream– $20


Maybelline ‘Dream Fresh’ – $9


Tart ‘BB Tinted Treatment’– $34


Smashbox ‘Pores No More BB Matte’– $39


L’Oreal Paris ‘Magic Skin Beautifier’– $11