R&B Divas LA: Birthdays and Heartbreak


On the week’s episode of R&B Divas LA, Kelly decided to throw Chante a birthday dinner party.  All of the girls; Kelly, Chante, Lil’ Mo, Michel’le, Claudette, and Dawn were in attendance.  It was at the birthday celebration that Kelly finally revealed the top secret project that all of the women had previously agreed to participate in on last week’s show.

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The idea that Kelly had “marinating in her spirit” was for the six women to tell their life stories in the form of a dramatic presentation of music.  Kelly wanted it to be Unplugged meets the Vagina Monologues.  Initially, some of the ladies seemed a little apprehensive and did not seem up for being “spiritually naked in front of the world”.



However, after Chante and Lil’ Mo  shared their personal stories about losing their virginity, it seemed as if everyone was more open to the idea seeing how sharing their stories helped everyone bond.   The ladies decided to name the project “the Not-Your-Momma-logues”.  Cute!  It seemed like an excellent idea.

Lil’ Mo was facing some tough issues in regards to her household.  She and her manager/husband Phillip had recently relocated from the east coast to LA in order to access more career resources.  However, they are struggling to balance parenthood and dream chasing.

Claudette is stuck in a very similar situation herself.  She has also relocated to the west coast after a less than amicable divorce from her former City High band member, Bryan.  In terms of co-parenting, Claudette felt abandoned by Bryan after the divorce and she is finding it difficult trying to revive her career while being a single mother of three children.

Claudette confronts her ex during an awkward lunch encounter.  After Claudette airs Bryan out for his lack of parenting skills, Bryan pulls that lame “I still love you though” card.  Claudette rightfully replied with a “Thanks, I appreciate it.” Translation: N**** PLEASE!

Meanwhile, Chante met with an ex of her own, actor Kadeem Hardison, who was looking as handsome as ever!  Kadeem joked to Chante, “I would set you up with Jesus”.  It is then that we learn that a difference in religious beliefs is what partly led to their relationship’s demise.  Too bad, because they make an adorable couple!


It seems that everyone on the show has some sort of relationship issues.  While getting pedicures, Michel’le and Dawn discuss their messy relationship pasts.  Dawn’s ex-husband allegedly had children outside of the marriage and was physically abusive towards her.  And, apparently Suge Knight was not ever in the running for husband-of-the-year either.  Michel’le revealed that he had fathered babies that were born both before and after her child was! Damn, Suge! Suddenly “pulling a Suge Knight” has a new meaning, none the more positive.


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On the next floor of the Heartbreak Hotel, Chante receives devastating news that her ex-husband, singer Kenny Lattimore, is suing her for custody of their son and is attacking her mothering skills!  Chante was beyond stressed, but she was still able to pull it together for her video shoot later on in the show.

All of the girls came out to support Chante as she gave a powerful, live performance of her new single “Jesus, I Want You.”  There was not a dry eye in the house once she was done.  It was good to see that Chante could channel all of that negative energy into something positive.  As she put it, “My music is my journey, it chronicles my life.  This moment in my life is a little upside down.”  Hopefully, Chante’s luck will turn around.

Check out the drama-filled full episode here!

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