5 Genius Study Tips Straight From College Students


Many of you are off to your first year of college, or are about to return back to finish off another year of school. Everyone knows that college is about enjoying an experience that many consider to be “the best time of my life”.

There are a variety of ways to make the most out of your college years, and MaseTV will be providing you with more tips and advice on making the most out of college. In the August issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine they listed genius study tips from actual college students, and offered some great advice.

Every college student no matter what year you`re in should definitely use these 5 tips to their advantage this school year:


1) Put all exam dates and due dates for papers/assignments in your calendar the first week of school.


This avoids you having that “Oh Sh*t” moment when somethings due and you’re unprepared. Think smart, and remain organized. This will help you in and out of college.

2) Find a good study spot


At the beginning of the semester, find your secret study spot where you know you won’t be bothered and make a point to go there AT LEAST once a week……but of course you should go as much as possible.

3) Make a friend in EVERY class you have


Always align yourself with that one person who seems interested in class, and who you can connect with on some type of level. They’ll help you out in the event that you miss class, need help with something, or need a study partner.

4) Use good study apps


Use apps like Notability to record lectures, and download SelfControl, an app that blocks websites like Tumblr and Instagram while you’re studying or doing homework. Practicing self-control is a major factor when wanting to successfully graduate college.

5) Build Relationships with your Professors


Take advantage of your professors’ office hours, and e-mail them with any questions. Making sure the professor knows you and you two have some type of personal relationship can really help you when it’s time for final grades.

College is probably some of the most fun you’ll have in your life, but it’s not worth as much if you don’t graduate. Practicing some type of study regimen can really help you graduate on time, and set you up for success later in life. Remember think smart, and remain organized. When you work hard, you can play even harder :)

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