“That’s What She Said”: Quotes from Former College Students


Here are some very useful and informative college tips for all of your entering college freshman. Take these quotes and manifest them into your little freshman minds as you begin to embark on an experience that will shape the rest of your life.

From leading entrepreneurs, to current college seniors, these are all people that know what they’re talking about, and can probably help you make a major decision for the better.

Success Tip from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and Author of Lean In

“One of the messages of Lean In is that if you reach for an opportunity, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn or how well it will go, and in either case, you’re better off”


Senior Flashback from Courtney, Berklee College of Music

“Explore all the different majors that interest you before settling into one. I wish I would have been more open earlier instead of being dedicated to one I really didn’t like and being afraid to switch until halfway through college.”


Senior Flashback from Michelle, Ramapo College of New Jersey

“Instead of dating my high school boyfriend long-distance, I wish I’d given myself a chance to be single and do my own thing at college.”

Couple Reading Book by Tree

College-Life Tip

Make friends with someone with a car, but be sure to always give them gas money.


Senior Flashback from Alissa, Monmouth University

“As a freshman, the idea of studying abroad scared me. It wasn’t until late into my senior year that I realized I loved to travel and I should have made time to study overseas.”


Hold tight to these quotes College Freshma, and remeber them during your first semester in college. Make friends, explore all options, expand your horizons, and HAVE FUN!

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine August