Another 90s Inspired Fashion Look Is Back! The Jellies


The 90s throwback Jellies are here again! We told you last week about how 90s fashion has emerged in full force back into the world of relevant fashion.

We all can remember being a young child or even a teenager, getting a fresh pair of jellies back in the day. The clear sandals you could see your toes in that you had in every color… even had ones with glitter in them!

Well now their back! They even have a grown up twist, a chunky heel.


20130718-115704.jpg 20130718-115138.jpg

The great thing about jellies are that because there clear, you can match them with anything. They give your outfit a playful, young look. Rap artist Azealia Banks was one of the first celebrities to be seen sportin this look.


If your wondering “Where in the world can I get original jellies?” Don’t stress, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel have them for only $49!


Here are some ways I’ve rocked my jellies.