The Challenge Rivals 2: “Revenge is A Dish Best Not Serve”


This week’s episode started with Theresa discussing how betrayed she was by Diem and how she now has learned not to trust anyone in the house….it’s sad that she just figured that out.


This week’s challenge required the contestants to split up their teams, with one dangling above the ocean and the other answering trivia questions about each other in hopes of not getting them wrong to avoid losing their teammate to the nice big ocean. This challenging was interesting because it caused the rivals to question how little they actually knew about their teammate, as well as answer very controversial questions about past beefs that are sure to raise tension in the house.


Things got turned up during the challenge when TJ asked, “Who does your partner think is the fakest person in the house.” The answers of course raised even more tension in the already tense rivals’ household. This challenge really taught the rivals that the closer they are with their teammate, then the better their chances are of winning. However, it was Jemmye and Camilia who dropped into the water first, making them the first contestants up to battle it out in the jungle.


Theresa and Jasmine, unfortunately, were voted into the jungle to go against Jemmye and Camilia. The voting process to getting down to Theresa and Jamine was a messy one, as some of the guys (Jordan) blatantly stabbed the girls in the back by voting them into the jungle. Tensions raised in the house as Theresa got into a shouting match with Jordan.


The jungle challenge “Catch 22” required the rivals to dunk 22 balls into a basket on the other side while running on a tread mill, however it was Camilia and Jemmye who performed up to the standard and sent Jasmine and Theresa home.

Watch the full episode here