Vine Compilation: Fried Chicken *Versace Remix*, Super Cannonball, Human Transformer, How Dudes Listen to Drake and MORE!

 Here are the most Revined Vine videos from Vine.


Human Transformer @Toritottt



We Ain’t Got No Worries….most of the time @Damion Bullock-Jordan Lomax


This man is too real @Gunplay


Me and Momma Came Thru with da Choppa @Klam Germ1  


His Grandma is Crazy @Kc Clark


Boy Meets World Don’t Drop That Thun @khouskhous


Always Be That One Dude Turnt Up The Whole Party @Boobezzal


How Dudes Are When They Listen to Drake  


Super Cannonball @Ayzee


Fried Chicken *Versace Remix* @Blackjehovah


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