Layering Fall Apparel


The weather has been so nice lately no more heat waves and definitely more cool breezes you know what that sounds like…..YUP the weather is slowly transitioning fall is on its way back. So fellas that mean your wardrobe should be transitioning as well. Fall fashion is my favorite look because you can put your own twist to your fall gear. Unlike the summer where everyone wears less clothing because it’s way to hot for putting on layers. Fall gives you the excuse to wear more clothing, put different patterns and knits on to make an original outfit. This is called layers. Now don’t just put anything on to bundle up because its cold, you would be doing your self a big mistake. Step out looking good, feeling good, and most important warm. here are some examples of layers.


Do not just put on your coat and leave your house spice it up Men, women loves a guy who dresses well and is not scared to try new things. If you’re wearing a jean jacket why not just throw your trench coat over it. It doesn’t hurt to try. However, make sure it looks good before you step out into the streets I wouldn’t want you guys looking silly on behalf of me PrimProper now. Here are more ideas you can inspiration from.

layers 2

Big-Sean-GQ I hope these photos gave you guys a bigger insight on layers. I picked out an outfit for the fellas would like to give it a try.



1. Zip-Up Intarsia-Knit Sweater by Ralph Lauren

2. Hyde-Slim-fit Harris Tweed blazer by Richard James

3. Slim-Fit Pierce Jean by Denim & Supply

4. Boots by Red Wing

You do not have to out any buy what I picked out however, you can get inspiration from my selections. Till next time stay Stylish my friends

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