Brooklyn Ice Cream Man Busted for Dealing Cocaine from his Ice Cream Truck….SMH


Via: NY Daily News

A Brooklyn man was allegedly selling a whole different type of snow cone from his ice cream truck.
Mina Gatas, 20, was arrested for peddling cocaine and oxycodone along with sundaes and other sweet treats, Brooklyn prosecutors announced Tuesday.

He was caught on a surveillance video inside his ice cream truck selling an undercover cop a plastic bag with about 13 grams of coke — and an ice cream cone — July 9th, a source said

The alleged sale happened at Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge, a spot that’s popular with kids and families.

Gatas is also accused of selling dope to an undercover on July 1 outside a deli where he worked. Both transactions were for about $825 worth of drugs, said a source.

Right between the two purported deals, Gatas was singing a different tune on his Facebook page.

“If ur selling drugs to make money and ur proud of it seek help smh [SHAKE MY HEAD],” he wrote on July 5.

He was charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and drug possession.


Source: NY Daily News