5 Good Things You Can Actually Learn from Watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!


As a mini modern day feminist and social activist I had made the executive decision to NOT watch season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta after seeing the trailers on VH1 and writing it off as another poor example of bad portrayal of Blacks in mainstream media. I even went so far as to write messages on the LVHHATL Facebook fan page in protest against the show, and it’s poor stereotypical portrayal of women and Blacks in the media.

However, after launching my website, MaseTV.com, and realizing that I need to keep my behind up to date on ALL things urban pop culture, I knew I had to bite the bullet and watch the show. I watched the reunion show for season 1 of LVHHATL and began to watch season 2 as it aired every Monday night, along with the help of my sorority sisters, I was quickly able to fill myself in on the 1st season that I so adamantly protested against.

Now granted, I do think that LVHHATL is the definition of ratchet, and that Producer Mona Scott Young should do a better job at choosing the “celebrities” she decides to put on the show instead of just throwing the most attention-seeking, loud mouth, C-list celebrities she can find to put on VH1 for an hour. But from watching the show this season, and being the analytical diva that I am, I can definitely see parts of the ratchet show that can really help us learn from the idiotic behavior of the characters.

I’m going to list a few key lessons that you can learn from watching the hit reality show outside of what brand of remy to buy, and how fake K. Michelle’s ass looks on camera.

Here are 5  valuable lessons you can actually learn from watching LVHHATL:

1. The Consequences of Having A Bad Attitude



K. Michelle shows us firsthand the consequences of having a nasty attitude. As sweet as we see that K. Michelle can be, and as talented and beautiful as she is, she still has nasty, catty, and immature ways about her that cause her to get into countless fights and arguments, lose fans, and fail at keeping a man. K. Michelle is definitely one who can admit when she’s wrong, but what sense does it make if you’re going to go and run off at the mouth like a loud mouth hoodrat every damn week. Anybody who suffers from a bad attitude like K. Michelle (majority of us) can see perfect examples of where their bad attitude will lead them if they don’t get their life ASAP. Therapy and Anger Management definitely work, so don’t feel like you’re loony if you go. Some of the most prominent figures today have therapists.


2. Depending on A Man for Happiness



As beautiful as Mimi is on the inside and out, it’s so obvious that she doesn’t feel complete without a man by her side. After getting publicly humiliated by Stevie J and Joseline’s affair in season 1, she “shot back” this season 2 by moving out of Stevie J’s house, and began dating her on-again off-again boo thang Neko. It was apparent that Mimi wash’t really feeling him, especially since she started dating him so soon after moving out of Stevie J’s house. Though Mimi works hard to hide her pain, it’s written all over her face and actions that she’s still hurt and bitter over Stevie J. She even resorts to lashing out at her friends (K. Michelle and Arian) over Neko who she knows she isn’t even feeling that much. Mimi is living the life that so many of us women have lived…..a lie! Until Mimi can be honest with herself and truly forgive Stevie and free herself from the past, she will continue to be the salty bitter woman in every damn episode! Why even believe one thing that comes out of Stevie J’s mouth after watching season 1?! She really needs to get her life!!!!


3. Don’t Judge Someone Else’s Lovelife if You’re Not Sure About Your Own



Rapper Rasheeda was so quick to pass K. Michelle off as a liar over her past alleged abusive relationship. It resulted in them getting into a fight this season where Rasheeda threw nasty shots at K. Michelle over her not being married and able to keep a man. Rasheeda was so bold as to flaunt off her wedding ring, and remind us that she’s married and K. Michelle isn’t. It all would of made sense if not for a few episodes later when she tells her husband Kirk that she’s pregnant and he tells her to get an abortion. Rasheeda and Kirk have even been recently publicly fighting via Instgram, and in personal interviews with each other since this season’s taping stopped. So it seems like Rasheeda is either having a case of bad karma, or just opening her mouth too soon. Either way it’s known that Rasheeda and Kirk have always had a dysfunctional relationship, so she should of never been so quick to rub her marriage into anyone’s face. However, Rasheeda shows us a perfect example of how NOT to pass judgment on someone’s relationship if you’re not 100% sure about your own!!!


4. If You Are the Side Piece, Make it Work to Your Advantage



We all know how ratchet and unclassy Joseline is, and about her wild background from stripping to prostitution. However somewhere along her multiple arrest and sex partners the woman learned how to manipulate people to get what she wants, and it’s working in her favor. Joseline has Stevie J exactly where she wants him. She is free to do whatever she wants, and she gets the perks of getting nice gifts, getting show gigs for her music career, and being able to say “I Da Baddest Bishhh”. Joseline is still technically a prostitute, but only this time she has to sleep with Stevie J to get paid rather than sleeping with as many men as she was before…..if you’re going to be a heaux, atleast be a smart heaux!


5. Any Man Similar to the Men on LVHHATL Need to Be Dropped ASAP

scrappy vibe-love-hip-hop-reunion-boys


The sad thing that Mona Scott Young chooses to do with her ATL cast of LVHH is to only put bitch ass dudes on the show who have NO clue as to how to treat a woman! From Scrappy cheating on Erica with Shay, to Benzino giving K. Michelle a diamond necklace right in front of his ex Karli Redd, to Kirk telling Rasheeda to get an abortion, to Stevie J just being Stevie J. These are all POOR examples of Black men, and even though there are a lot of men like these guys no matter the race, it still sucks that Mona Scott doesn’t have one strong example of a good Black man on LVHHATL. At the end of the day they can still show us what red flags to look out for when talking to a messy dude, and how to not end up looking like Mimi, K. Michelle or Rasheeda.


6. The Latest Trends in Fashion, Hair, and Makeup



There’s no denying that the women on LVHHATL all look FABULOUS!!! Their hair, nails, clothes, and makeup are always on point. From watching one episode of LVHHATL I already have my idea for what shade of lipstick I need to buy next, and how I want my hair to be when I get my next hair weave…..hey we all got a little ratchet in us. LOL

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is grade A ratchet, however you can learn some valuable life lessons if you choose to watch the show and analyze it more, rather than just passively taking everything in.


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