5 Reasons Why Vine is Still Better Than Instagram Video!!!


Many of us thought it was completely over for the video app Vine after the popular photo app Instagram announced that it would be adding a 15 second video option to the app.

However many skeptics over whether or not Vine was still going to be successful are now eating their words after recent popular videos on Vine have no gone viral!

Many emerging internet celebrities are being born through Vine, and the only way to see them firsthand are to have the video app installed on your phone, and to check it regularly……so maybe Vine isn’y so bad after all.


Here are 5 Reason s why Vine is still better than Instagram video:

1) 15 second video is way too long, 6 seconds is perfect

The 15 second timeframe for videos on Instagram can seem a bit dragged out when watching a video that could of had a stronger effect if it was just short and to the point. Vine’s 6 second videos seem to be the perfect timeframe for someone to make their point, and get you entertained. Instagram videos seem to be more for showing off how “exciting” the party you’re at is…..(even though if it was that exciting you probably wouldn’t be on your phone in the first place).

2) You can repost videos on Vine

One of the best things about Vine is that you can repost Vine videos by a simple click. On instagram if you like a video then that’s where it ends. You can’t share it, or even repost it onto your page unless you’re thirsty enough to record the video off of someone else’s phone onto your own.

3) They don’t take forever to load

Instagram videos have been upsetting a lot of us trying to use it, as it takes sometimes forever to load your video, or just never even loads it. Maybe because it’s a 15 second video that’s why it’s more difficult to load. However, Vine videos seem to upload and post within a second. Making it extremely more reliable with your videos than Instagram.

4) The comedy and entertainment on Vine can’t be found anywhere else

The amount of funny, creative, and down right entertaining videos on Vine can not be seen anywhere else. This makes you feel like you want to be in on the new fad. Why miss out because you’re busy scrolling through pictures on Instagram when you can be LOL’ing on Vine.

5) Vine introduced us to Terio

If you didn’t know who Terio was…..well thank us later