The Return of the Jersey


This past weekend just confirmed that Jersey’s are back in style!!!!

Am I surprised NOT AT ALL!!! If you know fashion, then you should know that a lot of the cool things we are wearing now, were worn in the past already.

Fashion is always reoccurring its self. This is why I am not a believer of throwing out certain clothes. However, I had a big feeling that jerseys would find its way back into our closets once I started to see celebrities rocking them in their everyday outfits.


Jerseys were always cool just because it`s a stylish and unique way for you to rep your city, favorite team, or get a jersey to match with a certain pair of sneakers in your closet.

My favorite kind of jersey’s would have to be the baseball jersey and basketball jersey. I love the baseball jersey because it fits like a button up shirt, so that means you can wear with almost anything such as: skinny jeans, cargo pants, leggings, skirts, or even as a dress depending on the size of the jersey.


As for Basketball jersey, I look at them as tanks that can be worn the same way as the baseball jersey. It all depends on what your style is and what you`re into. If you`re a sneaker head, you will have the option of buying different jersey types because they have almost every type of color scheme of jerseys depending on the team you choose to rep.


This past weekend my favorite jersey outfit goes to @Chinita_  check out her instagram…… Thats one dope Chick! Give her a follow and check out her amazing style.


Stay Stylish my friends