8 Advantages of Going to College


Why is it good to go to college? What is so valuable about a college education? College is expensive, and you wouldn’t spend all that money on something that wasn’t valuable. Moreover, college requires a great deal of work, and it requires that you spend time reading and writing and studying and going to class and taking tests—time that you could spend doing other things—and you wouldn’t spend your time on all those college-related tasks unless you thought you were getting something valuable for all your effort.

You’re in college, and so you think that getting a college education is a good thing—that it is valuable in some way or other—but what sort of value does it have? It’s worthwhile to spend some time thinking about the answer to this question, for it will affect the way you spend your time at college, and it will affect the sort of education that you get there. If you don’t know why college is valuable, you’re very likely wasting your time and money and effort during your college years.


1) Building Your Network

Many of us don’t even realize it until we’re done with college that you make some extremely great and resourceful connections while in college. This is actually when you begin to build your network. The people you meet in college will be the same ones to recommend you for jobs, be used as references for potential jobs, can help you build your own business and more. So DON’T avoid making as many friends as you can. DON’T be so concerned with hanging out with the “cool” kids because it will be the less cool kids who really take you far in life. Make friends, build your network!


2) Gives you More Time to Strengthen your Critical, Analytical, and Overall Thinking Skills

Unlike just graduating high school and going into the work world, when you attend college you get time to truly understand and master your overall thinking skills. Between professors, assignments, internships, working a paying job and more, college students are given time to hone in on their critical and analytical skills before entering the stressful and demanding world of work and adulthood. It’s a much better set-up than just working straight out of high school.


3) Builds Confidence


Your confidence level is at an all-time high after obtaining a college degree. You want to be as confident and secure as possible when going into the world of job interviews, networking, and building your career. It’s unfortunately hard to do this when you don’t have a college degree.


4) Makes you More Desirable to Employers 


Everyone knows that by having a college degree you’re more capable of getting hired at a job of your choice over  a person without a college degree. Most jobs require you to have a college degree in order to even apply, so having one is extremely worthwhile. Also make sure to have extracurricular activities to put on your resume, employers look for this and will ask you about it.


5) Makes your Social Life so Much More Exciting


Attending college, getting involved, and making friends will make your social life way more fun and interesting. You’ll always have something to do, always have someone to call or hang out with, and always get invited to all of the parties.


6) This is the Last Time in Life When you Can do Wild and Crazy Sh*t and it’s Considered Normal



We all did crazy stuff while in college, so no judging. Just study hard, and party harder. This is the LAST time in your life that you’ll be able to wild and crazy things and be able to say “I was in college”. So live it up, but just make sure you pass your classes!


7) Teaches you Responsibility


Once in college you’ll be faced with one thing we all wanted as a child “independence”. However, it’s up to you to get everything you need and want done (registered for classes, passing classes, relationships with professors, having money, getting an internship, staying on top of your financial standing with the school AND MORE. You have no choice but be responsible with your time while in college, or else you might not make it out of college.


8) Helps Prepare you for the Harsh Realities of life While Still Having a Kick Ass Time


College is the most fun you will have in your life, and an opportunity everyone should receive. Even consider going away to school and dorming on campus. This makes the college experience much more enjoyable. Good luck to all entering college freshman, and returning students. Remember to study hard, party harder, and pass your damn classes!


Source: Faculty Yahoo