11 Rappers Who Went to College !!!


Mainstream media loves to highlight the glitz and glam of the hip hop community. Who has the most money, who sells the most records, has the most style, hottest women and other various superficial factors.

But do you know which of your favorite rappers actually attended college, and have college degrees???? Like the saying goes “college isn’t for everyone”, but for those that do decide to at least attend a year or more of college find themselves with a mindset and intellectual ability far beyond what they had prior to attending college.

So let’s take a look at some of rappers who have actually attended a college or university, and still have all the swag, money, cars, and women like the rest of the hip hoppers.


1. J. Cole
j. cole


Rapper J. Cole attended St. John’s University in New York where he majored in Communications. In most of  J. Cole’s rhymes he makes references to attending school and the campus lifestyle. After graduating from Fayetteville’s Terry Sanford High School in 2003, the North Carolina MC moved to the Big Apple in pursuit of a college education. Cole attended New York’s St. John’s University on an academic scholarship! 

Rapping on the side and writing full-time, J. Cole graduated Magna cum Laude with a major in communication and a minor in business!!!! He would go on to become the first artist inked to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. 


2. Lil Wayne

After obtaining his GED Lil Wayne attended the University of Houston as a psychology major. He later transferred to the University of Phoenix, where he’s currently still taking classes online. ( Side Note: Higher education is a process that you can never put a time limit on. No matter if you get your college degree at the age of 50, it’s still the same as a 22 year old getting their college degree. Make college work for you. Lil Wayne is living proof of that.)


3. David Banner

B 15521

Mississippi rapper David Banner attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, La where he majored in Business. David Banner not only obtained a business degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, La., he was an active college student. Banner served as president of his school’s Student Government Association. He put that experience to use when he was tapped to defend hip-hop at U.S. congressional hearing. Banner also enrolled in the University of Maryland to receive a master’s in Education, but dropped out to pursue music.


4. Ludacris


Atlanta rapper Ludacris attended Georgia State University where he majored in Music Management. With lyrics on his song “Tell It Like It Is” where he says, – “Start up ya own company, trademark the name/ That’s gon’ run ya bout a grand so start savin’ ya change” that represents his studies in Music Business 101. The ATL rapper scored an internship at the radio station Hot 107.9 where he later held down on-air hosting gig under the moniker Chris Lova Lova. That Music Management degree came in hand when Luda took his own advice and launched the label Disturbing tha Peace in 2000.

5. Chuck D

Portrait Of Chuck D

Public Enemy front man Chuck D attended Adelphi University where he majored in Graphic Design. Chuck is also literally married to education; his wife is an assistant professor in the Department of Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The hip-hop legend is also a board member of the TransAfrica Forum, a Pan African organization that works for the right of Africa, Caribbean and Latin American issues.


6. Paul Wall


The Houston,TX rapper studied at the University of Houston where he majored in mass communications for three years. He didn’t graduate, but he went on to successfully open his own shop for custom made grills, and then ventured off to a successful music career.


7. Rick Ross 


Miami Rapper Rick Ross graduated from Carol City Senior High School and later attended historically black college Albany State University in Albany, Georgia on a football scholarship. He went on to become a successful Correctional Officer in Miami before becoming the entrepreneur/rapper and frontman for Maybach Music.


8. Plies


Florida rapper Plies played football as wide receiver while attending Miami University in 1996. In his sophomore year, he caught 25 passes for 262 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. He later transferred to the University of Central Florida before dropping out to pursue a music career.


9. Common


Chicago MC Common majored in business at Florida A&M University for two years under an academic scholarship! He left school to pursue his successful music career, but not before leaving with a mind full of knowledge and wisdom that he shows off in every song he’s on.


10. P. Diddy


Business and Music Mogul P. Diddy studied business at Washington D.C.’s Howard University. He didn’t finish and get a degree, because he dropped out to land the internship at Uptown records that started it all. After his internship he went on to launch Bad Boy Records!!! Enough said!


11. 2 Chainz



Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz attended the University of Alabama State where he had an athletic scholarship for basketball! He didn’t finish but went on to pursue a successful career in music.


JeroslynDiva: We know college isn’t for everyone, however the experiences you will have, and people you will meet, will make it so worth it. College allows you to explore your deepest desires and passion in a way that you won’t get anywhere else. Think about it, you’re surrounded by a bunch of young people your age who are set on making something of themselves…..that sets you up for a thought process far and beyond the one you would have staying surrounded by the people in your neighborhood. Give college a shot, and definitely consider going away to college. The campus life experience is amazing, and it’s the last time in your life when you can do crazy ishhh and get away with it.


Source: ChaCha