Top 5 Beauty Guru’s of Youtube


What is a Makeup guru? A makeup guru is just someone who knows a lot about how to do makeup and teaches others. Some of the best makeup guru’s are self taught, and shares their skills and secrets with the YouTube world. These are my top YouTube makeup guru’s.

5) Tymetheinfamous


This makeup guru has over 200,000 subscribers, and is known to beat her face for the Gawds! Although her makeup videos are boarder line drag queen, she works the heck out of her eyeshadow color combinations and contours her face so well she can put Ru Paul to shame. If your looking to learn how to give your face that drama then you will love her.

4) MsRoshPosh


Canadian native make up artist and guru, she has almost 100,000 subscribers! She is known for her infamous “Kim Kardashian” highlighting and contouring. Her make up style is more realistic for the everyday girl who wants a bit of glam to their look.

3) Start2finishmua


Over 120,000 subscribes, Miss Lynn is a up coming makeup artist in the celebrity world. She’s spotted at A-list parties networking and putting her talent out there. Her makeup skills are great because unlike a lot of other artist, she enhances her beauty with makeup, instead of masking it.

2) Liquidlinelover


Native to New York, this makeup guru has a small fan base of 56,000 subscribes. Although she is not as popular as some makeup gurus, she’s counted as the underdog. She has competed in the Nyx Awards 2013 Face Challenge, making in to the top 12 out of 50 other makeup artist. Her makeup style is the most natural of them all. She not only does makeup videos, but is also a natural hair advocate creating videos for hair as well.

1) NitraaB


This Southern bell has over 260,000 subscribers. Her bubbly personality makes her so likable. Not only does she always have a flawless makeup face, she also shows you how to achieve high quality looks with drug store make up! A YouTube viewers

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