5 Ways Your Phone Screws Up Your Skin! Problems and Remedy Solutions


I recently read an article in the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine that list ways your cell phone can screw up your skin. It instantly caught my attention knowing that we live in a day and age where our cell phones are literally our lives! I’m also at an age where I’m examining my face daily for any new fine lines or wrinkles…..preserving this youth is a serious matter!

So here are Cosmos 5 Ways Your Phone Screws Up Your Skin:

1. Squinting to Read the Small Letters on your Screen

Many skin doctors are reporting on how a parade of young people in their 20s are victims of “crows-feet” and “11 lines” (the vertical furrows between your eyebrows). These lines normally dont show up until your 30s or 40s, but were suffering from it already!!!


The Remedy: Increase your font size on your phone to Grandma, and increase the brightness of your screen. These small steps will go a long way to preserving your sexy.


2. Talking on the Phone so Long your Phone Gets Hot

The problem with this is that prolonged exposure to any type of heat increases melanin production in that area of your skin, and can make you look up to 10yrs older!!!

The Remedy: A headset, or putting the call on speakerphone, can help prevent that melanin issue…..phew!!!


3. Reading those Last Minute Texts and Emails Right Before you go to Bed

The issue here is that the artificial light from your smartphone messes with your body’s ability to produce melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical responsible for making you sleepy. So when your’e feeling tired and then go and read that text from your boo, then all of sudden your’e not tired…well now you know why.

We all know what happens when you mess up your sleep cycle…..you wake up looking like Ricky Raccoon!


The Remedy: Dim the intensity of your phones light, or use your phones invert-colors (turns your screen black and fonts white).


4. Pressing your Face Against your Phone (When your Makeup and Face Oil Sticks to the Screen)

This has caused a rise in acne around the temples, cheeks, and chin….ughh! The dirt and bacteria that live on your screen are transferred to your skin when you talk on the phone, which can lead to a nasty infection!!!

The Remedy: Use earbuds, and clean your phone daily with an anti-bacterial wipe.


5. Constantly Looking Down to Refresh your Instagram Feed and Group-Chat with your Friends

The doctors are calling this “text neck”– a slack, untoned neck and jawline caused by breakdown in collagen and elastin…..WHAT?!

The Remedy: Hold your phone at eye level to minimize folding, and also try applying a skin-firming cream on your jawline and neck twice a day.

This Cosmo article was definitely helpful. Read more articles like this on their website, or just subscribe to the magazine…trust me ladies its worth it!