Erica Dixon Photoed Boo’d Up With Her New Man O’ Shea

On part 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, roller coaster couple Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy came face to face with all of the other people who played a part in the downfall of their relationship (Momma Dee, Shay Johnson, and Eric’s Mom). In the end, while Scrappy continued to insist through it all that he still loves Erica, she seems to be over it all and in a new relationship.

Earlier this month, Erica and her new male-model hubby Oshea Russell confirmed their relationship to the world via social media and from the looks of things, they’re still hanging in there.

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Meanwhile, Scrappy seems to be giving Erica her space, but is still sticking to his story that she wasn’t quite the ride-or-die chick that he needed when they were together.

Scrappy just let it go. You were never man enough for Erica. We all knew she could do better….Fa Shiz-na-ee!!!