Cornrows in the Hall of Fame – Compliments of Warren Sapp

In the midst of the NFL’s Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, there has been an “interesting” development. Warren Sapp was a one-of-a-kind defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one of the best to EVER play the position. It’s fitting that a bust, of his image, will be placed in the NFL Hall of Fame – to be remembered forever. In all seriousness, in the late 90s – Early 2000s, Sapp was a hallmark in the NFL. Do you know what else was a hallmark during that time? Cornrows.

Warren-Sapp HOF

This story has an interesting twist, literally. Sapp’s bust in Canton,  officially unveiled during last night’s induction ceremony, is first to have braided hair. Somewhere, Allen Iverson is giddy with joy.


In reality, Sapp could have been bald on his bust. He spent most of his career in Tampa Bay, actually, with a shaved head. The biggest moment of his career, when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, saw him with a shiny dome.  But Sapp will be the first of many to have braids or cornrows on his bust. There were many future Hall of Fame players, during that period, who had cornrows (Randy Moss, anyone?) so the next few inductions are expected to see more ‘rows. Even, looking past the 90s – 2000s, today you see MANY cats with dreadlocks – future Hall of Famers; Larry Fitzgerald, Steven Jackson, etc

Styles change through the years and that’s seen everywhere, even in the most hallowed room in pro football.

Hey, at least the bust didn’t mimic THIS look. That must account for something

Warren-Sapp (Back in the day)