NEW MUSIC: Mickey Factz – South Park (Kendrick Lamar Response)


Maybe we will get lucky and have every member from the All City Chess Club respond to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control “verse. First we had B.o.B dropped ‘How To Rapin response to Kendrick then Lupe Fiasco followed up with the ‘SLR 2‘  and now Mickey Factz is the third member of the All City Chess Club to drop a track entitled ‘South Park‘.

Even though Mickey Factz is irrelevant to the rap game at the moment he is from the Bronx and like any other NY rapper, he felt a need to respond. Mickey Factz actually took time to take jabs at Kendrick and other members of Black Hippy unlike other rappers who responded thus far – sucks that he is irrelevant because I would of love to see any of the members from TDE reply back to him.

“You the king of New York? Beg your pardon
The king of LA is dead and that nigga from Harlem (2Pac)

“Oh yeah, you used to copy Charles Hamilton, dawg
A good kid turned the mad city after him y’all

Just in case you didn’t know, members who are in the All City Chess Club include: Lupe Fiasco, Diggy, J. Cole, Wale, B.o.B, Mickey Factz, Asher Roth and Pharrell.

All City Chess Club